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Build My Online Store is a free eCommerce seller podcast that has been online since 2012!

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“As an e-commerce business owner I find this show extremely informative and entertaining!

Build My Online Store – Tyler Fisk

“It’s so nice to hear people who actually own shop sites selling physical goods and not just intellectual data.”

Build My Online Store – David Alewine

“It’s a must listen to podcast.”

Build My Online Store – JbseattleListeners like you!

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Build My Online Store eCommerce Podcast - Top Rated itunes Podcast Since 2012

Volume 1 (2012-2014): The show originally began as an interview show with other eCommerce store owners that I found online, saw on Shark Tank, or met through various online communities that I’m a part of. Back then I was still working at a finance job at a large bank, and didn’t leave until August 2013 after a year of running this eCommerce podcast. Shortly after I start my first store selling men’s leather wallets (Baller Leather) which has a rocky start and takes a while to find any momentum.

Volume 2 (2014-2016): Travis Marziani, a member of my private eCommerce mastermind selling dance clothing comes on board as a co-host where we talk about our experiences running a store. I dropped the full-time interview format because I was getting burnt out on finding quality guests. We also switched the schedule to bi-weekly, and are much more selective with guests that come on the show. Now the content is a mix of blog posts and podcast episodes.

Volume 3 (2017 – Present):  Right now the podcast still focuses on digital marketing and e-Commerce – but there’s a software element being added as I’ve gotten recent work experience at a SaaS company and will be making some of my e-commerce software tools in the future that will help store owners run their operations more efficiently.

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This podcast literally built my online store 🙂
I remember meeting Terry in Bangkok 2 years ago when he was just launching this podcast. Since then I’ve been a loyal listener and the the store I was working on has seen 527% growth over a 2 year period. The proof’s in the pudding!

Vivien VC
great interviews with helpful contents
Terry’s interview questions are exactly what we need to know, very straight-forward, informative, and enjoyable. I learned a lot and will recommend to others, cheers!

Great Podcast!
this podcast is fantastic! I learn so much from each episode. As a new e-commerce store owner, this show keeps me motivated. Keep it coming Terry!

Awesome, actionable advice
Really appreciate this show Terry. Awesome interviews and I’ve already implemented a lot of the ideas on this show in my own online business. Rip, pivot, and jam all day.

Terrible interviewer, good guests
“Can you use an iphone 5 to take pictures?” … Are you serious? You’re asking an entrepreneur who started his own fashion line if he takes pics on an iPhone 5 for his ecommerce site. That’s unprofessional.

EDIT: I feel bad giving a bad review but you should definitely improve your questions and flow. Listen to ecommercefuel and mixergy for examples.

Pete Sveen (DIY PETE)
A must for any e-commerce Entrepreneur!!!
I started listening to Terry’s podcasts a few weeks ago and have learned so much about building an e-commerce store and being successful. He finds top notch guests with excellent advice about SEO, marketing, product sourcing, and other invaluable information. So happy I stumbled upon Terry’s podcast! – Cheers – Pete

Love this podcast!
Great job on this podcast Terry – I am an aspiring e-commerce businesswoman and I’ve been learning a lot from listening. I like how you cover a very wide range of businesses in many fields, a lot of other podcasts only talk about making money online by talking about making money online. These real life examples are much better. Keep up the good work!

Brings true professionalism to ecommerce.
I’ve been blown away at how a “newbie” podcaster could come right out of the gate with such a professional show (I’m jealous of Terry’s interview skills). And on top of that Terry has taken ecommerce out of the over-hyped Internet Marketer world to showcase real businesses doing the hard work to succeed online.

If you’re in ecommerce or planning your own store you owe it to yourself to listen to this show.

~ Tim Conley, The Foolish Adventure Show host

Finally a podcast for commerce stores selling tangible goods!
I can’t tell you how happy I am to have stumbled onto your podcast! I’ve been looking for a very long time for a podcast geared towards e-commerce businesses actually selling physical goods! As an e-commerce business owner I find this show extremely informative and entertaining! My wife and I have already blazed through your first 9 episodes and are eager to see what else you have in store!

Linen Napkin
super informative podcast
Terry, awesome work! Great job at interviewing e- commerce shop owners and finding out how they developed it, what tools they use, and what works or doesn’t work for them. It’s so nice to hear people who actually own shop sites selling physical goods and not just intellectual data. Your approach is not only helpful but you have managed to create a refreshing atmosphere that i truly enjoy tuning in for. Thanks and keep up the great work! David from The Linen Napkin

Very informative
Thanks for the podcast! It’s really informative. Keep up the good work.

Tons of actionable knowledge.
I heard about this podcast through a tweet from Michael Michelini. Terry asks great questions, and I have learned something valuable in every episode thus far. Keep a notepad handy while you listen to this informative podcast.

Great its a must listen to podcast
Thanks for always creating a great podcast! The interviews always give me a lot to learn and apply.

Weekly must listen podcast
I listen to Build My Online Store’s podcast every week. It’s easy listening but packed with lots of great information. The last month I’ve been going back and listening to Terry’s older episodes that I missed. The show is one of my must listen weekly podcasts

Really great podcast.
Listened to a few of these and they are generally pretty good. Just listened to episode #90 for the 4th time and decided to write a review. That one in particular is a gem.

Useful Information
I enjoy listening the Build My Online Store Podcast. I generally find most of the topics discussed very helpful.

Excellent Podcast
This is a great podcast with a ton of helpful information. I am just getting started in ecommerce, I am still in the research phase, but I am moving forward…. I’m looking forward to being interviewed on this podcast once I am successful! Gotta aim high, right? Thank you for all the great content

Drew Bran.
High Quality, Hight Value
This is a fantastic podcast with tons of information. The information is put together in digestible 30 ish minute chunks that will leave a fire in your stomach for business. The hosts are accessible and always willing to help. This is in my top 10 list for sure! Great job guys!

Highly valuable, quality podcast
Been listening to these guys for about 5 months since I started diving into the world of e-commerce. I’ve learned a ton. Each episode is like business school and I’ve got a notepad ready to take notes. Thanks for doing what you do!

Love this one!
I’ve been listening for over a year. I tried a bunch of different E-Commerce podcasts before and this one far exceeded all the others. I learn something every episode. I usually listen while working so I keep paper next to me so I can look up apps or terms or websites they reference afterwards. They both have their own stores so they have experience to back up what they’re talking about…yet it doesn’t get too personal that it’s not relevant to everyone. I recommend it to all my fellow shop owners. Terry & Travis- thanks so much for putting your time into making such a valuable tool for the rest of us!

Entertaining and Informative Podcast
Great information! Both Terry and Travis give sincere accounts of what works and what doesn’t as they help listeners grow their own e-commerce businesses.

Always informative and to the point!
Man, love this podcast!!

Terry and Travis are great hosts and a great team! I’m starting an e-commerce store and I’m always finding myself listening and writing down all the great tips and advice. I love how they draw upon their own experiences and give actionable tips and suggestions. You can tell they are both successful in the e-commerce space but humble at the same time, which makes me think I can succeed as well. Keep up the awesome work!

Tom Morkes
great show
Really love this show. These two are great hosts; very engaging and insighful. Love listening in.

Great Content with Great Hosts
Great content from knowledgable hosts. I highly enjoy the banter between the hosts. Only reason this is not a 5 star review is that the sound quality of the podcast needs to improve. At times it really hard to hear both hosts which is distracting.

Please Fix Audio
Terry’s audio is not as loud as Travis. I have to adjust my car’s volume between the two. Terry sometime seems like he’s mumbling. Great content but poor audio.

Archie Dawg
There might be some good content here, but I find it hard to listen to. Because, like, you say “like” too much. Also you like, talk too fast.

Prana Wzrd
One of the few podcast where the host(s) speak on their own ecommerce strategies and obstacles on top of their personal life. Their podcast has more of a Learn with you tone vs telling listeners what they should/ not do.

All in all, i definitely learn a lot from this podcast. Would get a 5 but they haven’t released episodes in a while/ consistently :/

Look for the nuggets of wisdom
Initially I thought this podcast was a lot of rambling and not relevant to me in any way. After listening to a few episodes, I see that there are nuggets of wisdom in each episode, and it’s become interesting to hear the various stories. Did not enjoy at first, and now I really like it. If you’re in the same boat, press on.

Lightbulb! I CAN do this!
I was looking for a starting point, thank you! 4 basic points helped me understand where my strengths and weaknesses would be in starting my store. I have a meeting w my peer group tomorrow and I know exactly what questions to ask also. Logistics segment VERY helpful.

Well done and I WILL share! Thank you, gentlemen!!

Becca rice
I am lovinggggg these

Seriously Awesome
I’m amazed at how Terry keeps the interviews focused and always has questions I would never think to ask. Keep it coming! Thanks.

Highly Valuable Series
Great information. Both educational and a great confidence builder.

Learn the how-tos, dos and don’ts when starting an eCommerce business
I’ve always been interested in product sourcing, drop shipping, and distribution, but didn’t know where to start. After listening to Terry’s podcast over the last couple of months, I’ve learned a great deal from experienced insiders who share their honest stories on successes and failures, as well as actionable tips on how to get started on your own business. Terry brings inspiration to those who are stuck in a 9-5 corporate job and are looking for a new change.

Thanks Terry for providing such incredible resources. I look forward to your new episode each week. Cheers.

WOW listen up!
This is really motivating for anyone looking to start or improve their online store. Great job Terry

Paul B

Useful and Actionable info
Thanks, Terry, for the great insights from your network of successful entrepreneurs with real-world experience. Keep up the great work!

Informative podcast with actionable insight
Terry keeps his podcast straight to the point with actionable insights and interviews about e-commerce. Definitely the best e-commerce podcast that is out there!

Matt Mercy
Essential info., so-so audio.
I would recommend this podcast to anyone getting into e-commerce. I am currently building my online store, and thank my stars I found this information before I started. The only problem is that some of the (Skyppe?) interviews get garbled to the point that I cannot listen to them all the way through without my blood pressure going up. But in general, wading through the occasional bad audio is worth it.

New Favorite podcast
I really appreciate what you do, your podcast has been helping me with my business in the biggest way. I have burnt through so much content over the past couple of years and I found you and your guests so refreshing and insightful. Your a great host keep it up your changing lives. Thanks again man

Awesome Interviews!
Really enjoy these podcasts by Terry. I have learned something valuable each time I listen. Great Audio too…

Awesome Podcast for eComm people or just entrepreneurs in general!
Terry does an excellent job of asking the right questions. I love that the format isn’t as structured as some podcast which leaves room for the guests to really tell their story. This is a great resource for someone looking to get into eCommerce.

Great Show
I enjoy listening to others discuss how they have become or are becoming successful. Your show provides great content for those that are building online businesses.

Paz Romano
Amazing Podcast
Love your show.

Your show aligns w/ what I’m in the process (you helped me through the prototyping in China process a few moths back) of creating & I simply want to say thank you!

For anyone who wants to start an commerce store, Terry’s show is essential!

With positive energy ~


Brandon @ CoolMarketingGroup
Terry is the man
I’m selective with my time when it comes to listening to eCom related podcasts. Terry is one of my favorites. His questions of guests are great and the info that comes out is priceless. Keep up the great work Terry!

Alex from MudGear.com
Fantastic eCommerce Brand Advice
Terry produces the best podcast I’ve found for building an eCommerce business and launching your own niche brand. Looking forward to 2014 episodes with even more brand building focus, but there’s some solid gold in the archives as well – well worth the listen.

Terry Is Awesome – Learn How to Become an Ecommerce Entrepreneur
Terry, Just gotta say you are providing all of us with such a great motivational and informative podcast. As someone currently building my second site I have found so much of your interview content to help me move in better directions with this business and spark new ideas. You help me tap into the energy and excitement that other ecommerce entrepreneurs experience, you have great interviewing skills, and I honestly had just found out about your podcast in the last few weeks and have listend to nearly every one (think I have 10 more or so to be fully caught up). Great Job, keep it up, and thank you!


Denver, CO

Best Small Biz Podcast So Far
Honest, humble, and intelligent host with interesting guests. Unlike other hosts in this niche, Terry knows what questions to ask and how to follow them up and/or summarize the guest’s answers. I often find myself saying, “Oh! Great question!”

E-Commerce, marketing, sourcing, shopping carts, design, photography, OH MY THIS PODCAST ROCKS!
After each podcast I’m left with a golden nugget of information that enables me to stand apart from the rest. I’ve been building/sourcing my products, creating an online store for 6 months and each week I’ve tuned into Terry’s podcast to hear his interviews with his awesome guests. Terry asks down to earth questions that haves helped me build a foundation of my online store and marketing plan. In some areas I’ve pivoted after I’ve listened because I realized from the guest’s experience that my path isn’t the right route. He also has a lot of DIY info which is awesome as a start up. Always listen with a notebook so that you can write down those golden nugget words of wisdom.

Athens Georgia Entrepreneur
Clear, concise, incredible help!
Terry Lin’s podcast is very well done. He is knowledgeable, concise with his interviews, and presents actionable material. I am so thankful to have found his podcast and look forward to a new one each Sunday.

Practical Tips & Amazing Guests to Inspire You!
At the time I found Terry’s podcast I didn’t even an entrepreneurial passion at all. But it was the title of his show that really grabbed me. I’m learning so much, that I’m launching my own store in the next few weeks! This show is the real deal. Learn from the pro’s, so you don’t have to make so many mistakes.

Good stuff
Really enjoying the new format of the show. Good stuff, keep it up.

Such a great find!
I am so glad I found your podcast! I learn something new every time I listen!!! Great job finding interesting E-business owners to interview. Love hearing all their different perspectives!

Gracie’s best friend
Easy to understand and entertaining!!
Terry knows how to get great content and makes it compelling and entertaining, even for us novices to ecommerce.

He knows how to get people to open up and get great advice out of them, with a very fluid interviewing technique.

Great program, very helpful.
I really enjoy the program and the guests. Very good interviews that are packed with actionable information!

A worthwhile listen for anybody looking to break into the online marketplace
I set out a couple months ago to find a quality podcast that would provide valuable information for a beginner looking to break into the ecommerce industry and found Buildyouronlinestore. So glad I did, the information that is uncovered during Terry’s interviews is invaluable to a beginner such as myself. It has really helped point me in the right direction and has given me inspiration and guidance in what it takes to develop my own e-commerce store, which I am now doing! Great stuff, keep up the good work!!

Great Podcast
Really enjoy this podcast. Terry is a great interviewer and I love how he is putting the spotlight on micropreneurs and lifestyle businesses. Highly recommended for all internet entrepreneurs!

Chad Ryan, San Diego
Yeah Buddy!!!!!

Your podcast rocks! Inspiring! Helpful, Great content and Great guests! You are the real deal. Keep them coming.


Rave Review
Exactly what I was looking for! Real businesses online talking about there growth and ideas for what worked and what has not.

I have had a small ecommerce business for about 2 yrs and find many of the same challenges and successes you address.

Thank You

Matt B

Very Helpful
Keep up the good work! Your podcast has been very helpful and given us some new ideas to grow our business. Thank you!!!

Fantastic Podcast!
I am new to ecommerce and have been learning a lot from this show. Terry even took the the time to Skype with me for a brainstorming session. Thanks Terry and please keep the episodes coming!

Great show!
Love the podcast. Would love to hear an episode all about you.. What businesses you have owned what products have you sold.. How you got started etc… All questions you ask your guests.. Keep up the good work! Also thank you for the link for China opportunity podcast.. Very helpful!

Great show- gets right to the point
Thanks for the great show.

Very Awesome Podcast!
Terry does a great job interviewing professionals in the online business world and breaks down the information in such a way to motivate action.

Wonderful idea
Great Reply
I love it that Terry is both likes to help people at the more entry level of trying to sell products and is easily accessible. I am thankful for a quick reply to a simple Facebook question and a ton of actual ideas that can help my specific situation right now.

Wonderful Value!

A little different than other Im shows. Ecommerce twist makes it unique. Worth a listen.

Awesome Podcasts

Awesome podcasts, very helpful. I love the guests you have on, keep up the good work.


All The Right Questions
I’m just getting started in e-commerce and listened to the podcast about starting an online clothing label. As the podcast progressed I found myself thinking of questions I would ask if I were conducting the interview and within a few seconds Terry asked them! Nice job getting into the brain of the novice online retailer. Very informative – I will be using things I learned in this podcast in my business!

Great podcast
This is a great podcast. My wife and I are in the process of creating an online business and listening to all of the other Internet business gurus are great but none as focused on subject matter (Ecommerce) and Terry’s. Keep up the good work!

Great info!
Thanks Terry…started listening recently and everything is great so far. Covers lots of of topics but also gets into helpful detail. I look forward to more episodes!

Very informative
Terry is a good interviewer and has interesting guests with a lot of information to share. I’ve listened to 4 or 5 already and they are so full of good knowledge, none of it theory, all of it practical. When you get out into the real world, they tell you to forget most of what you learned in school or boot camp. These guys being interviewed are like the boss who is telling you what you need to know to get going in the real world. Very practical podcast, I love it!!


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  1. I read this thread and it brought me here. CAN NOT believe for the life of me how you have been doing this consistently for the past 5+ years…amazing job my man!

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