Volume 1,

#72: How To Build A Six-Figure Dropshipping Business From Thailand With Johnny FD

November 10, 2013

How does one build a $10,000+ monthly sales drop-shipping business from Thailand in under six months? Tune in this week to hear how Johnny FD got started. We discuss niche selection, getting your first sale, letting go of life scripts, the power of desperation, and dealing with self-doubt in your entrepreneurial journey.

Topics Discussed:

  • 03:00 – How does one give up everything and move to Thailand?
  • 06:00 – The power of having your back against the wall
  • 08:00 – Base-lining with only $600 in monthly expenses
  • 09:00 – Finding the business model of drop shipping
  • 13:00 – Timeline of building his first store and choosing a niche
  • 19:00 – The #1 tip for getting drop-shipping suppliers on board
  • 23:00 – Dealing with customer service calls being in Thailand
  • 26:00 – What’s keeping customers buying from Wal-Mart or Costco?
  • 28:00 – Pros and cons of Shopify in his experience
  • 31:00 – How to build great business relationships with suppliers
  • 34:00 – Getting the first sale and initial traction with traffic
  • 38:00 – Dealing with self-doubt, financial goals, and outdated life scripts
  • 40:00 – Odd places to make an e-commerce sale


Mentions in the Episode:

Episode Length: 41:52


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