#120: 10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools that e-commerce store owners are not using to the maximum effect. In this episode, we discuss 10 ways that will help you get more data out of analytics to decide which marketing channel that you should focus your time, money, and energy on.  From paid ads, guest posts, content creation, Adwords, re-marketing, and product listing ads – nothing is left on the table in this episode.

Topics Discussed:

  • Updates (Travis): Paid advertisement audit / funnel check
  • Updates (Terry): Launch of E-commerce Mafia / The Bunker
  • E-Commerce Mafia: $25K+/mo group calls in November
  • Paths and Funnels: How to find customers that drop off the sales cycle
  • E-Commerce Conversions: Getting the right data points to make decisions
  • Paid Ads: How to figure out which channel actually has the best ROI
  • Split Testing: How should you measure results?
  • Advanced Segmentation: How to drill deep into different traffic funnels
  • Referral Traffic: Should you be using guest posts, forums, or other channels?
  • Organic Traffic: With no keywords provided, how can you optimize for organic traffic?
  • Conversions and Transactions: Measuring opt-ins, sales, and other behavioral transactions
  • Multi-Channel Attribution: How to attribute each sale correctly with multiple devices?
  • Link Tagging: Get laser-targeted data from email campaigns and anything with a link


Mentions in the Episode:


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