Volume 2,

#118: 10 Books Every E-Commerce Entrepreneur Should Read

September 28, 2014

Books are a great way to hack your education and give you the tools you need to build a business. Entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with self-development, and like a car engine that needs to run on new oil to stay fresh, your brain constantly needs new knowledge to stay on top of things. This week Travis and I share 10 books that had a big impact on our journeys and why we’re recommending them to you.

Topics Discussed:

  • Updates from Terry: DCBKK 2014, Reopening of mastermind
  • Updates from Travis: Getting restless in Argentina
  • #1) The book that’s way over-referenced in our circle of friends.
  • #2) The book that shows you different roadmaps within entrepreneurship.
  • #3) The book that teaches you new skills can be learned.
  • #4) The book that teaches how to influence people.
  • #5) The book that you should prioritize over any business podcast.
  • #6) The book that teaches you the advantages of being a smaller player .
  • #7) The book that shows you how to connect the dots.
  • #8) The book that challenges you to think bigger.
  • #9) The book that teaches you how to sell.
  • #10) The book that shows you how to launch in 7 days.


Mentions in the Episode:

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