#118: 10 Books Every E-Commerce Entrepreneur Should Read

Books are a great way to hack your education and give you the tools you need to build a business. Entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with self-development, and like a car engine that needs to run on new oil to stay fresh, your brain constantly needs new knowledge to stay on top of things. This week Travis and I share 10 books that had a big impact on our journeys and why we’re recommending them to you.

Topics Discussed:

  • Updates from Terry: DCBKK 2014, Reopening of mastermind
  • Updates from Travis: Getting restless in Argentina
  • #1) The book that’s way over-referenced in our circle of friends.
  • #2) The book that shows you different roadmaps within entrepreneurship.
  • #3) The book that teaches you new skills can be learned.
  • #4) The book that teaches how to influence people.
  • #5) The book that you should prioritize over any business podcast.
  • #6) The book that teaches you the advantages of being a smaller player .
  • #7) The book that shows you how to connect the dots.
  • #8) The book that challenges you to think bigger.
  • #9) The book that teaches you how to sell.
  • #10) The book that shows you how to launch in 7 days.


Mentions in the Episode:

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  1. Also had that question before about how BrainQuicken was built.

    Chat w/ TF @ Princeton (3:20 – 13:17). He briefly gives background on BrainQuicken which he considered failing until it was repositioned from “improve your memory” to “non-stimulant pre-workout product for athletes.”His market focus shifted because of feedback from his true customers, competitive athletes. He attributes that change in messaging as the reason for sales taking off.

    Don’t remember if that was specified in the book.

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