#113: Mind, Body, And Health. Are You Taking Care Of Yourself?

Travis is a huge bio-hacking geek (aka Tim Ferris fanboy) that tries to squeeze every ounce of productivity when he’s working. This week we talk about mind, body, health, and the importance of taking care of yourself. We discuss topics like the dangers of sitting down too long, maintaining your sanity as an entrepreneur, and some nootropics (aka “smart drugs”) to boost your productivity.

Topics Discussed:

  • The power of a morning routine that’s on automatically
  • How meditation can help with mindset issues
  • Getting into a flow state and what it means
  • How does the spacing between your heart rate impact productivity?
  • How can smart drugs aka nootropics help out?
  • Sitting down, body postures, and how it affects your health
  • The changing and fleeting definition of happiness
  • Having gratitude and maintaining that perspective

Mentions in the Episode:

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