#14: How To Drop Ship – Million Dollar Lessons From Andrew Youderian at eCommerceFuel.com

Leaving the world of finance in 2007, check out how Andrew Youderian started an eCommerce drop-shipping business with only $1,500 US in start-up capital, and growing multiple sites to over a million dollars in annual sales within five years. Andrew shares his rigorous criteria for choosing a profitable niche, also providing valuable insights on mistakes that he made starting out. Andrew also has a free eBook about getting into drop-shipping eCommerce on his blog at eCommerceFuel.[ois skin=”Optin (Post)”]

Topics Discussed:

•   How to pick a niche and getting started
•   Understanding the pros and cons of drop shipping
•   How to approaching suppliers or wholesalers with no track record
•   The Importance of a firm approach in phone calls
•   How to leverage your track record for better pricing and fees
•   The advantage of working with multiple suppliers
•   How to deal with third party logistic fumbles
•   How to calculate back of the napkin math in choosing a niche
•   Why you should not get into commodity niches
•   What are the future implications of Amazon on drop shipping businesses
•   Why you should provide value instead of competing on price
•   Why you should drop ship instead of manufacturing your own products
•   How pay-per-click advertising can kill your business
•   How to pivot your social media efforts
•   How to find drop shipping opportunities within “embarrassing” niches
•   How to focus on what’s important starting out
•   When to graduate from a hosted platform to an open source
•   The General timeline of starting a drop shipping business
•   Three tips to improve cart abandonment


Mentions in the Episode:


Episode Length: 49:00


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