#119: 5 Reasons You Should Join A Mastermind (Especially Ours)

Having been a part of various mastermind groups for the past two years, Travis and I discuss our experiences in this episode. Some have worked out better than others, and we’ve taken note on the improvements that we’d make into our own mastermind group, which will be re-launched on the week of October 19th 2014.

If you’re looking to join a family of e-commerce entrepreneurs, stay tuned on the announcement this week because you belong here with us.

Topics Discussed:

  • Updates (Travis): Youtube marketing
  • Updates (Terry): Repositioning and Zero to One
  • Our experience with other mastermind groups
  • Should you go broad or niche when choosing a mastermind?
  • Accountability, focus, and motivation
  • Knowledge, exchanging ideas, and constructive criticism
  • Peers, mentors, and advisors
  • Collaboration and cross promotions
  • Name of the upcoming mastermind group and how to join


Mentions in the Episode:


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  1. Hi Terry & Travis, appreciate the candid discussion about your experience with other mastermind groups. The peek behind the curtains is invaluable for those who are on the fence.

  2. Thanks guys for the frank DC feedback, it was uniquely useful for me! Gonna share it with the team too.

  3. Terry, do you know what the requirements to join will be? Minimum MRR, for example? Will someone who is just getting going (me) have a chance at getting in? My store has only been open for a month, so I have started but I’m not exactly ready to quit my 9-5 yet.

    I have a great perspective on things to not waste one’s time on 😉

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