#135: A Guide To Teaching Yourself Paid Advertising

Paid ads have always been a double-edged sword to learn on your own. There is a learning curve on each platform along with nailing down your targeting, bids, and conversions. Chances are you will lose some money starting out and in this episode we talk about how to get the most out of that investment on PLAs, Facebook, Retargeting, Adwords, Bing, and Pinterest.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Investing in the learning curve of paid advertisements
  • Narrowing down your idea customer assumptions with testing
  • The iterative process of focusing on the ones that work
  • Product listing ads: Complicated to set up but smooth sailing afterwards
  • Facebook ads: Testing demographic assumptions and finding ones that work
  • Retargeting ads: Cart abandonment retargeting and interested visitors
  • Adwords: A double edged sword for those starting out?
  • Bing: Is this platform worth investing in?
  • Pinterest: Overview, initial experience, and future plans


Mentions In The Episode:


Episode Length: 36:35


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