#20: Nardo’s Natural – Four Brothers and Organic Skin Care

How did four brothers get into skin care? The story begins a few years ago when the four Mastronardo brothers discovered the health benefits of coconut oil for the skin. The brothers were inspired to formulate a responsible skin care line with ingredients derived from nature. A few months later, Nardo’s Natural developed their first moisturizer in their kitchen. The family business has since introduced a variety of organic products and continues to grow everyday.

Featured on the Shark Tank in Season 3, the Nardo brothers brought Barbara Corcoran on board as a strategic investor and partner. Tune in to hear how their business has grown since then.

Topics Discussed:

  • Early stages of a business where you can be juvenile and carefree
  • Organic vs conventional skin care products
  • Leveraging local B2B relationships to go national
  • Competing against big brands with large marketing budgets
  • Profit margins in the skin care industry
  • Benefits of Coconut Oil
  • Common mistakes people make with skin care
  • Consistency within organic products and geographic locations
  • Marketing challenge of four brothers in skin care products
  • Finding a business mentor that wants to see you grow
  • Sticking with your guns and the long-term business plan
  • Building authority and giving education for every application
  • How the business model of B2B with a mesh of B2C works online
  • What makes repurchasing rates high with existing customers
  • Danger of making claims and without getting products medically tested
  • How the business grew from getting exposure on the Shark Tank
  • How to determine if you will air on Shark Tank
  • Having your website go down with high traffic spikes
  • How to work with a strategic investor and leverage their experience
  • Guidance vs Funding and looking for investors
  • Benefits of using external consultants for rebranding
  • Creating peripheral branded products like calendars
  • Using the business plan as a compass for long-term goals
  • Being flexible and dealing with B2B last minute cancellations
  • Learning about business in a classroom vs the real world
  • Getting featured on Good Morning America and on New York’s Times Square
  • Understanding sunscreen and how zinc oxide works
  • Declining opportunities to stay faithful to your customers
  • Owning variations of your brand across different web domains
  • Importance of learning internet marketing early

Mentions in the Episode:


Episode Length: 58:51


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  1. Really valuable content and insights into the development of a business
    blending online and offline elements. As always Terry guides the
    questioning and discussions masterfully and draws excellent and
    meaningful responses from the guest. Great work – please keep them

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