#32: Behind the Scenes of Super Fast Business with James Schramko

James Schramko from Super Fast Business joins us this week to talk about building a sustainable online business. As a top salesperson and former general manager of a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Australia, James shares some behind the scenes insights on Super Fast Business and the future of online video marketing.

Topics Discussed:

  • 04:00 – Origins of Super Fast Business
  • 04:30 – Having a proper structure for your business
  • 06:30 – Internet Marketing Speed, Freedom Ocean, Think Act Get
  • 08:00 – The power of focus in your business
  • 09:00 – Having an umbrella website holding different businesses
  • 10:00 – Project Management Triangle – Fast, Good, or Cheap
  • 11:30 – Naming websites, products, and services
  • 12:00 – Implementing action words into your business
  • 13:30 – Mindset of think, act, get
  • 15:30 – Building authority and leveraging it across products or services
  • 16:30 – Long-term thinking for new business ideas
  • 18:00 – How video news marketing works with building trust
  • 19:45 – Content syndication across all platforms
  • 21:30 – Dangers of building your business on one platform
  • 23:30 – Early mistakes with video marketing
  • 25:30 – Measuring the ROI of content marketing
  • 27:30 – Lead scoring with prospective customers
  • 32:00 – Stop, Start, Stay technique for business development
  • 32:30 – Using forum threads to observe customer problems
  • 37:30 – Future of video marketing and the barrier to entry
  • 43:00 – Running the gambit and paying your dues in content marketing
  • 44:30 – Snowball effect of content marketing
  • 48:00 – Content Marketing: Text vs Audio vs Video


Mentions in the Episode:

Episode Length: 55:10


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  1. Mr L, congrats on a superb podcast. You have a gift for extracting valuable nuggets of wisdom from your guests. I have only just picked up on your show and will be spending the next few days playing catch up.



      1. Ezra Firestone has the interview you did with him on his blog, which is another new one on my radar, thanks to Mr S (below). You had him explain goal flow in Google Analytics, that really caught my attention. Also, although he seemed to be speaking at 100mph, you managed to steer the interview in such a way that my 10mph brain could take in. Nice work

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