#171: How To Conduct A Year End Review For Your Store

If you haven’t done a full audit of your website for the entire year, now’s a great time to do it to know where you stand. That way you can prepare a marketing strategy next year built on solid numbers and goals. In this episode we go through some key metrics to audit, along with tips to optimize them for the future. Thank you for tuning in and we’ll see you next year in 2016!

Topics Discussed

  • Email Marketing: List hygiene, deliverability, and keeping contacts warm
  • Traffic: Where is the 80/20 of your visitors coming from, and what’s not working as well?
  • Orders: What is your repeat rate, cart abandonment rate, most popular (or unpopular products)?
  • Expenses: What’s making, costing, or saving you money?
  • Paid Advertising: How can you prune up existing campaigns to boost ROAS?
  • SEO: Who is linking to your site, and what can you tweak on-site to improve search rankings?

Mentions In The Episode

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How To Conduct A Year End Review For Your Store

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