#102: Bundling, Upselling, and Discounting with Jason Myers From Bold Apps

This week we talk about increasing a customer’s lifetime value through upselling, bundling, and discounting products with specific apps for your e-commerce store. Bold Apps creates apps on the Shopify platform powering over 10,000 stores, and I got Co-Founder Jason Myers to talk about some strategy, tips, and best practices.

Topics Discussed:

  • How Jason got into the Shopify app development business
  • What is an upsell and how does it work?
  • Bundling, wholesaling, discounting, and “build it yourself” apps
  • The pitfalls of installing every 3rd party app you see
  • Best practices in upselling, bundling, and discounting
  • Framing your copy in the positive, not negative

Mentions in the Episode:

Episode Length: 32:43


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