#141: The State of Google Shopping, Facebook Product Listing Ads, Amazon Search Data, and Adwords in 2015

Rick Backus, CEO of CPC Strategy joins again to talk about latest changes in paid acquisitions for 2015. In this episode we focus on the changing landscape of Google Shopping, Google Adwords, Facebook’s new Product Listing Ads, and Amazon’s recent release of search query data for sellers in the Amazon Sponsored Products (PPC) platform.

Topics Discussed:

  • The current state of Google Shopping (PLAs)
  • Shift in ad budgets and the competitive landscape
  • Change in ad spends for small businesses vs large retailers
  • The current state of retargeting
  • Big brands using it as an awareness tool without ROI
  • The current state of Facebook (and PLAs)
  • The bind of Facebook and their advertising platform
  • How to leverage Amazon keyword level data shared to sellers
  • Where are the opporunuties in paid traffic for 2015?
  • Wow the new generation is crushing Instagram, Snapchat, and other channels
  • Improving your skill-set, staying relevant, and being willing to learn

Mentions in the Episode:

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