#197: Kickstarter Launch Strategy Of Performance Nut Butter

This week Travis talks about launching his new product on Kickstarter in the upcoming months, named Performance Nut Butter. He outlines his launch strategy, email captures, and future plans to get influencers to promote this product. This episode is brought to you by Klaviyo, an email marketing tool that I’ve been using for my marketing clients. You can send smarter emails by integrating your shopping cart data, order history, and website behaviors. Sign up free today at www.buildmyonlinestore.com/klaviyo.

Topics Discussed:

  • Update (Terry): Google Shopping CPC, impressions, and negative keyword issues
  • Update (Travis): Interviews with influencers for PNB (Performance Nut Butter)
  • Landing page and email signup form: www.performancenutbutter.com
  • The need for photo and branding assets, along with how to quickly get started
  • Outreach and influencer interview strategy for launch promotion
  • Meeting one of the biggest bio-hacking experts: Ben Greenfield
  • When should you ask an influencer for commitment to review or promote your product?
  • How to keep an email list warm when you are still pre-launch?
  • Lessons learned from Forever Home Blankets launch on Kickstarter

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