#165: The Definitive Guide To Google Shopping & Product Listing Ads

This week we have a discussion on some best practices Travis learned with Google Shopping & Product Listing Ads. We talk about how negative keywords can help save money and optimize your campaigns, how to organize them so that the data is easy to analyze, and making the most out of Adwords, Analytics, and Webmaster tools to find profitable keywords. If you’d like a checklist of this episode on the summary and best practices of Google Shopping, check out our Free Marketing Toolkit on the website.

Topics Discussed:

  • How NEGATIVE keywords impact broad, phrase, and exact matches
  • Setting up your feed, manual or automatic?
  • Basic integrations: Adwords, Analytics, Webmaster Tools
  • Key elements of your feed data
  • Title, description, price, image, category, brand, GTIN, MPN
  • How product IDs work and naming campaigns
  • Segmenting to make easier bid adjustments
  • How Google Shopping works with no keywords
  • Using negative keyword lists to focus your targeting
  • Measuring average pageviews, bounce rate, and e-commerce conversions
  • Strategies to adjust bids and measure ROI
  • How to use Adwords search queries for PLA targeting
  • The #1 reason to separate mobile campaigns from desktop
  • Replicating your campaigns on Bing product listing ads

Resources For Google Shopping:

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