#131: A Roadmap To Scale From $10K To $40K In Monthly Sales

During the summer of 2014 Travis grew his revenues from $10K/mo to over $40K/mo through a combination of marketing strategies. In this episode we go into the details of what worked for him and what didn’t. We start off looking at his business on a very high level, figuring out what metrics to look at, ad budgets, and how to double down on what’s working.

Topics Discussed:

  • The big-picture strategy and tactics for approaching revenue growth
  • How to determine which marketing channel you should double down on
  • Using pageviews to measuring ad traction with a small budget
Understanding the buying cycle and where your ads fall in the process
  • How to feature your customers and get them to promote your brand
  • How to use directories to research distribution channels
  • Increasing your footprint with on-site SEO and multiple product pages
  • Utilizing Facebook ads to build brand awareness for conversions down the line
  • Sometimes Amazon isn’t the golden goose everyone says it is
  • Improving your site usability and user experience
  • Routine productivity hacks and streamlining your work flow
  • Joining a mastermind to meet other entrepreneurs for ideas and advice
  • Hiring a virtual assistant to free your mind and take over mundane tasks


Mentions In The Episode:


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