#200: Performance Nut Butter’s Kickstarter Launch by Travis

Travis has been working hard in the last few months on his new Kickstarter project, Performance Nut Butter. On this episode, he will talk about his launch strategy and marketing efforts that is going into this campaign. His campaign is going live on Kickstarter this week and a link will be updated here once’s it’s open.

So what has Terry been up to?

In Feb 2017, I joined a SaaS startup that was purchased by a Chinese venture firm. I’ll talk more about it in a future episode, but I’ve been diving into the software space as a product manager. This involved defining the spec for new features, improvements, bug fixes, and more. On June 15th, I’ll be moving back to the US in New York City so if you are in town please do get in contact with me so we can meet up.


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