Volume 2,

#121: A Guide To The Canton Fair And Sourcing Products In China

October 19, 2014

Terry is attending a conference in Bangkok this week, so he pulled aside Matt Kowalak and Jamon Yerger from Running With China to have a chat about the upcoming Canton Fair. With over 20 years of combined sourcing experience in China, we go through some basic strategies cross-referenced with Terry’s own experience this year for a holistic and complete perspective for someone just starting out or experienced in the game.

Topics Discussed:

  • Global Sources vs. Canton Fair
  • Should you visit a supplier’s factory or see them at Canton Fair?
  • How mature should your product idea be prior to visiting a supplier?
  • What are the best practices in defending your intellectual property?
  • How can somebody reverse engineer a product’s supply chain?
  • What are other costs outside of manufacturing to look out for?
  • What are some best practices for import duties and customs?
  • What’s the typical organization chart of a supplier in China?
  • When should you use an agent or go direct?
  • How do agents typically get compensated and what makes a good one?
  • What are some dangers of pushing your supplier or agent too much?
  • How negotiable are MOQs and what you should look out for?
  • How can someone maintain proper expectations and supplier relationships being overseas?
  • “Running With China” bootcamp for pre/post-event meetups

Mentions in the Episode:


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