#90: E-Commerce Conversion Roundtable With Anton Kraly, Johnny FD, and Will Evans

We have another roundtable this week to discuss e-commerce conversions and optimizing your online store. To spice things up, I got Anton Kraly, Johnny FD, and Will Evans together in a room to discuss this in person.

Topics Discussed:

  • How long it took to get the first sale
  • Learning conversions as a new store owner
  • Lifetime value, after-sale process, and discounts
  • Getting clarity on your sales funnel and how it works
  • Tweaking the value proposition over the years
  • Best conversion tips from Anton, Johnny, and Will


Mentions in the Episode:


Episode Length: 56:59


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  1. thanks great advice why I going surfing a listen to your podcast to learn more and take time away from my e-commerce business thanks
    Its cold here

    1. Sometimes it’s great to go for a footmassage, plug in a podcast episode in your earbuds and just relax while listening to new ideas. Every time I do it, I end up with a new way to convert for sales =)

  2. This was a fun one to record… I really liked switching the format up from the traditional interview style Podcasts. Thanks for having us all on!

  3. What’s up Terry, thanks for having me on the Podcast again. It was fun sitting around and talking eCommerce with all of you guys. A lot has changed since the first time we sat down and spoke on Episode 72 and I really figured out how to optimize for sales since then.

    For those who missed that episode you can check it out at: buildmyonlinestore.com/podcast/episode-72-how-to-build-a-six-figure-dropshipping-business-from-thailand-with-johnny-fd

  4. Awesome episode, thanks again for having me on. Just re-listened and learned a ton that I had missed in the original conversation.

  5. What was the name of the VPN software/plugin used to check how a site behaves from different parts of the world?

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