#201: Moved to NYC & New Mobile Cart Recovery Tool

Terry just moved to NYC after being out of the US for the last ten years. Here’s a quick update on the last few months and getting back on track with the podcast in the coming weeks. Terry also has a new side project for a mobile cart recovery tool (Cart Hawk) that you can learn more about in this episode.

Here’s What Cart Hawk Does:

  1. Recover abandoned mobile shopping carts with email.
  2. Build your email list of subscribers.
  3. Close the attribution loop of mobile paid traffic campaigns on desktop.

Here’s How Cart Hawk Works:

  1. On the “View Cart” page, mobile shoppers will get an option to click “Buy It Later On Desktop”.
  2. This prompts an email entry where we email the cart URL to the shopper with existing items.
  3. We’ll parse the data for marketing pixels to close the loop when they purchase later on desktop.
  4. We will also integrate with email marketing tools so that you can also build your list.

If you’d like to get a free invite to the beta, please shoot me an email at terry@buildmyonlinestore.com. Please note this will only be available for merchants on Shopify right now.

Download Options:

  • Direct Download: Right-click here and click “Save As” for a direct download
  • iTunes: Listen and subscribe on iTunes
  • Android: Listen via Stitcher Radio streaming
  • Blackberry: Listen via the Blackberry Podcast App
  • Zune: Listen via Zune



  1. As part of a team working on the Actonlytics eCommerce tool, I do find this podcast to very useful for merchants try to tackle abandoned mobile shopping carts.
    Very good article!

    Keep it up.

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