#127: A Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up E-Commerce Remarketing

Remarketing through AdRoll, Facebook, and Google is a common question that we’ve been getting lately, so Travis and I are doing an episode on how to get started, which platform to choose, and what to expect behind the scenes. At the end of the episode, we also share a quick tip that allows you to get an extra line of copy in your Adwords display.

Topics Discussed:

  • Updates: Travis – Back in the USA, 5,000 Visitors To Blog
  • Updates: Terry – Thunderclap.it, Sample prototyping process
  • How remarketing is different from vanilla PPC and other paid ads
  • Why you should be remarketing to cart abandonment users
  • Setting up remarketing groups and timelines of 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days
  • Choosing a platform for remarketing: AdRoll, Facebook, Google
  • Optimizing your budgets on AdRoll so you don’t get ripped off
  • Narrowing down your custom audience with Facebook Remarketing
  • Optimizing your results for the Google platform
  • Tagging your links to track the exact performance of each remarketing banner
  • Frequency of campaigns, advertisement fatigue, and when should you stop?

Mentions In The Episode:

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  1. Nice one bros.

    Very informative and detailed PC – I’ve got one more retargeting platform to throw into the digital pile.

    Perfect Audience (http://www.perfectaudience.com).

    I find PA much easier to use with super transparent pricing and great analytics. Campaigns are easy to set-up, track and tweak.

    If you are looking at all the retargeting options, don’t forget to add this one to the mix.

    1. Thanks a bunch that is the first time I have heard about that, will definetly keep that in mind!

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