#181: Using Postcards To Increase Lifetime Value with Touchcard.co

Are you sending postcards to existing customers to get more sales? My former roommate has a new app for Shopify stores that automatically sends them for you via the API and a 3rd party printer. Whether you want thank you cards after an order or reminders after 90 days, it’s all configurable in his app called Touchcard.co.  Starting at $0.99 per card including postage, I brought Dustin Laverick on to talk about how his app helps store owners get more sales from existing customers.

Topics Discussed:

  • Background of Touchcard.co
  • Making your brand punch above its weight
  • How the backend works to generate a postcard
  • Filter and order size settings to target VIP customers
  • Designing and brand elements of the card
  • Future pricing plans as the app grows

Download Options:

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