#143: News, Updates, And Catching Up With Travis & Terry

Travis just returned to the USA this week so we’re doing an catch-up episode on what’s going on with both of us, including business plans for the next few months. Our first course Spotlight Marketing will also come out very soon, and we go into some detail on the SOPs, templates, and content that will be included.

Topics Discussed:

  • Travis: Back in the USA
  • Productivity in facility and inventory updates
  • Summer seasonality scare last weekend
  • Upcoming marketing plans to feature more dance studios
  • Terry: Guest posting, podcast pitching, and launch week
  • Facebook ads email opt-in campaign
  • Cross-collaboration with other Kickstarter projects
  • Using your backer community as a marketing tool
  • Upcoming Course: Spotlight Marketing

Mention In The Episode:

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