#114: Living The 1,000 Day Rule – Part 1 of 3

The premise of the 1,000 day rule states that you’ll be doing worse than you were at your job for 1,000 days after you start your muse business (3 years). This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of leaving my job for something better. But are things actually going as planned? Travis and I go through what went as expected, what didn’t, and reflect on some mistakes we made right after we both quit.

Topics Discussed:

  • News, updates, and future mastermind plans
  • The long road to finally quitting your job. What happens next?
  • Did we always have the current business idea in mind?
  • Runway, personal finance, and finding new social circles.
  • Putting too much pressure and expectations on yourself.
  • What does living the dream really mean?
  • Building momentum, setting goals, and focusing on the long-term

Mentions in the Episode:

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  1. Timely episode for me, as I’m leaving my part-time day job at the end of this month! No major moves planned, but I’m definitely feeling the “hustle harder” pressure already, heh. Although I probably waited way too long… my biz income has already surpassed the day job paycheck. Should have quit last year 😉

    1. Same here, as much as it felt safe to have a runway after I quit, the “fire under your ass” is probably a lot more helpful looking back!

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