#185: Q&A on Handwritten Notes, Partnerships, Adwords, Hiring, and Reselling

This week we dig through an old Q&A hosted in March 2016 with our email list. Originally at 90 minutes, we’ve found the best Q&As from the replay that you will enjoy. We talk about handwritten notes to your VIP customers, finding keyword ideas for Adwords, hiring your first employee, and using reviews from other stores as a reseller.

Topics Discussed:

  • Update on handwritten notes to VIP customers and changes in the process
  • Thoughts on new stores losing money to get your first reviews
  • How Bdancewear got by the first three months starting out with little sales
  • Finding keyword ideas for Google Adwords looking at competitor ads
  • Tips on hiring your first employee and scaling up
  • As a reseller, should you use reviews from other stores for your product?

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