Volume 2,

#116: How We Use Virtual Assistants, Freelancers, And Contractors

September 14, 2014

Travis is back online in Argentina so we decided to talk about we’re using virtual assistants, freelancers, and contractors to help out with the more tedious and mind-numbing tasks of running online stores. To help with his relocation abroad, Travis also hired a new sewer to help with production and a content writer to help with blog posts. Terry finally got his first sale on Amazon after being listed there for weeks.

Topics Discussed:

  • Updates from Terry: First Amazon sale (finally)
  • Updates from Travis: New hires and settling down in Argentina
  • Using Virtual Assistants, Fiverr, and oDesk
  • Photoshop, product photography, lifestyle photography
  • Blog post formatting, posting, and syndication
  • Email marketing, coupon codes, and outreach
  • Competitor, market, and backlink research
  • Should you outsource social media?

Mentions in the Episode:

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