#186: Facebook Ads 101 Q&A Replay

Last week Travis and I hosted a Q&A for those starting out with Facebook Ads based on our experiences using the ad platform in the past year. It’s had a remarkable evolution since release a few years ago, allowing you to get very narrow with targeting and exclusions. In this episode, we highlight some of the top Q&As from the Google Hangout.

Topics Discussed:

  • Is everyone and their grandmother running Facebook Ads?
  • Should you even be running paid traffic?
  • How to limit your downside and budgets
  • Understanding the FB ad structures: Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads
  • Campaign goals and objectives within the ad platform
  • Creating different audience types based on your goals and their behavior
  • Setting up custom conversions and passing through shopping cart data
  • Walk-through of a basic Facebook Ad setup
  • Learning the ad targeting system – And, Or, Exclusions, Demographics, Behavior, etc..
  • Putting website visitors in different buckets: customers, cart abandons, visitors, repeat visits
  • Walk-through of Power Editor (Google Chrome)

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  1. Hey, I listened to this episode on the train and loved it.

    Where can I see the screenshare you guys did for this epsiode?


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