#137: 14 Locations For Digital Nomads & E-Commerce Entrepreneurs in 2015

Travis is on the road this week on a mini-vacation so we decided to do an episode on the top locations for digital nomads and e-commerce entrepreneurs in 2015. If you’re looking to pack up and head overseas for a bit, here are some tips and a general overview of each location based on folks we’ve met in those hubs. Keep in mind your mileage may vary depending on your lifestyle and business requirements.

Topics Discussed:

  • The “whisper” of a city and it’s message
  • Three tiers of locations: Bootstrap, Value, Premium
  • Bootstrap: Medellin, Saigon, Chiang Mai, Davao, Prague
  • Value: Austin, Bangkok, Berlin, Bali
  • High-End: New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Los Angeles

Mentions In The Episode:

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  1. Hi Travis and Terry.

    I am recent newcomer to your wonderful podcast. I came across this recent post on great locations for Digital Nomads and would like to add wonderful cities like Copenhagen and Stockholm, starting base for Zendesk, Skype and Spotify. Both recognized to be start up cities to watch for, http://thenextweb.com/eu/2011/09/25/something-is-rocking-in-the-state-of-denmark-why-copenhagen-is-a-startup-city-to-watch/http://tech.co/top-startup-cities-where-entrepreneurs-want-to-meet-up-2015-02

    Being a proud Dane who recently moved to Berlin and joined the start up scene just wanted to highlight that the nordics, beside from cold winters are providing a great scene to digital nomads.

    Thank you for a great podcast and keep up the good work.

    Best regards


  2. Sounds cool! I spent a semester in Stockholm during college and made a brief stop to Copenhagen in 2010. Lovely place!

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