#176: Google Hangouts On Air Q&A, March 2016

Last week we hosted a brief Q&A via Google Hangouts On Air with a few listeners. It was an open format where folks could ask us questions about everything and anything. Here are the replay highlights incase you missed it. We hope to do this on a monthly basis, so join the email list to get alerted next time we host one if you’re interested.

Topics Discussed:

  • Check out the Effective E-Commerce youtube channel
  • Update on process & results of handwritten notes to VIP customers
  • The questionable future of Baller Leather
  • Overcoming analysis paralysis in website design before launching
  • Incentive examples to get your first ten product reviews
  • Partnerships with industry experts that aren’t marketers
  • Getting into Adwords, starting keywords, and buying intent
  • Choosing a new shopping cart in 2016
  • Is it worth selling on other marketplace platforms besides your store
  • Thoughts on Etsy, product discovery, and a different customer base
  • How did Travis get started in manufacturing for dance clothing
  • If you’re a reseller should you use reviews from other websites
  • Change to Magento extensions market and developer pool
  • How can you raise the CTR of PLAs if changing bids isn’t working
  • Upcoming e-commerce course from Travis and Effective E-Commerce

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Google Hangouts On Air Q&A, March 2016 Build My Online Store


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