#82: Rebranding Lessons With Justin Cooke From Empire Flippers

In 2013, Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti re-branded from Adsense Flippers to Empire Flippers as the focus of their business model changed to solve a bigger market problem. Tune in to hear Justin’s thoughts on what didn’t work out as planned, and how you can avoid the same pitfalls in the future.

Topics Discussed:

  • History of Adsense Flippers
  • How do other people describe what you do?
  • Beginnings of Empire Flippers
  • Transitioning the audience from a legacy brand
  • Is the “ideal customer” exercise BS?
  • Hindsight 20/20 on things that didn’t work out

Mentions in the Episode:


Episode Length: 31:48


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  1. Ha I might be that guy who emailed you and asked which segmented list I should be on! Although you’re emails aren’t speaking to my interests right now I still love hearing from The Empire Flippers about entrepreneurship, leadership, VA’s, strategy, and more. So that’s why I stay engaged.

    I love this line “Don’t deliver a product, deliver an experience”. With that line we can go from trying to sell benefits and product descriptions to providing customers with a complete buying experience where they end up feeling overjoyed with their purchase, engaged and appreciated by us, and looking forward to future products down the line.

    You’re completely right, as a small business you can be the ones that are handwriting thank you notes, sending Christmas cards, Christmas gifts to your biggest customers, follow up email sequences checking in on how the buying experience was, asking for reviews, sending out surveys to ask for help in producing new products, mentioning new followers on twitter and fans on facebook personally, and generally let people know you appreciate them and their business. I still remember the first time Pat Flynn told me “I appreciate you” because I tweeted him or something. That was awesome and it made me really feel acknowledged and appreciated, and now I do the same for my own customers.

    Sure I could spend time optimizing seo, or a sales funnel, or making cold calls for new business, AND I can also be creating high friction relationships with customers and building long term relationships. Sure, some things don’t “scale”, but the small things that don’t scale also have the chance to have a HUGE impact. An example, I had a customer purchase 3 times from us in January alone, or a different customer purchasing 6 x’s over the last year. I think that is the result of great products but also great service and great relationships.

    1. Glad you enjoyed! As people I think we remember these little things like handwritten notes as trivial as they may seem.

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