Volume 2,

#136: Getting Started With Facebook Ads Q&A

February 08, 2015

This week Terry has a Q&A with Travis on Facebook Ad targeting, optimization, and setup. Having just started a few campaigns, we go over some best practices, tracking results, and how to make the most out of the platform. It’s quite a technical episode, and we are assuming you’ve at least tried Facebook Ads once and understand what the backend looks like. Travis is also in Bangkok and Singapore this month starting from Feb 12th, so reach out to him if you’d like to meet up.


Topics Discussed:

  • Targeting: Audience size, demographics, and overall strategy
  • Broad vs. narrow approach to finding the right audience
  • Measuring results using CTR, pageviews, and average revenue perpageview
  • How to decide which campaigns to shut down or optimize
  • How to track results from each campaign on your website
  • Creating lateral campaigns and testing new audiences
  • Resetting all the data and tracking every quarter
  • Remarketing through Facebook and demographic targeting
  • Understanding and utilizing campaigns, ad sets, and ads

Mentions In The Episode:


Episode Length: 29:44


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