Volume 2,

#147: 6 Things That Will Stress You Out About A Crowdfunding Campaign

April 27, 2015

Travis is in Utah this week and Terry is stressing out about his Kickstarter campaign because it’s ready to launch this week. We talk about some behind-the-scenes preparations and stuff you should look out for if you’re going to go down this path.

Topics Discussed:

  • How to DIY photography and media assets
  • The details and challenges of product photography
  • With photography and video, it’s a numbers game
  • Catch-22 of press momentum and building up a bang
  • How do you keep pushing the snowball so it gets bigger and bigger?
  • The challenge of pricing correctly when you have no orders
  • Negotiating with leverage when you have no orders and backers

Mentions In The Episode:

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