#168: One Year Birthday Recap For Terry & Travis

Turns out Travis and I only have birthdays three days apart in November, so we both took some time off and reflected on the past year for us on a personal and business level. We talk about things that didn’t work out, how we handled, them, and some plans for next year as the holidays are coming around.

Topics Discussed:

  • E-Commerce automation with Google Scripts, Docs, & Zapier
  • The #0445club hashtag on Twitter and waking up early
  • “Last Day Alive” concept by Steve Jobs
  • Keeping a journal to reflect your personal growth
  • Travis & I reveal why we do what we do
  • One year recap of failures and successes
  • Where do we want to be in a year from now?

Mentions In The Episode

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  1. Finally after one year of listening I was able to catch up on all episodes (maybe not all but at least 95%). In the beginning I was really thinking this is a great web shop but by now I have some serious doubts that I am going to formulate in three questions for you,

    1. Why do you talk about so many „best-practices“ on your show but don’t realize on your website? Some examples:

    -> What you say: Content Marketing Strategy is a long-term strategy. What you do: You have only a few articles from May/June and that’s about it.

    -> What you say: Alt images text are important for SEO. What you do: Your alt images are “image 1” etc.

    -> What you say: Generating a e-mail list is essential for your marketing. Let me consult you. What you do: There are no pop ups or other serious attends to catch leads on your website. One year ago you talked about why don’t want to generate mails and now you want to consult us. This is not a persuading sales pitch.

    2. Why do talk about what you want to do but never catch up on how it went?

    -> First and foremost what happened with your crowdfunding campaign? Why are you talking about around 10 episodes, what you are working on but not why you failed? Failing is not bad, but if you don’t talk about and not share your learnings with us, it was not very useful.

    -> Other examples like pop up with social sharing , your facebook campaign and probably some more.

    3. How is it going with your shop? The only thing what you have mentioned is that the branding is probably not good. Fair enough but I think there are more learnings that you can share with us what works and what not for you. Of course for Travis it is much easier to talk about what works and what not for him because he is very successful. Still I would expect also from you some more sharings and more openness.

    Over time you have lost a lot of credibility for me. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a hater and I really like you. Otherwise I would have not raised my concerns in such a way and I guess also other listeners have them. And I am also really interested in your answers and your point of view on these issues.

    Cheers, Chris

    1. Hi Chris – Thanks for the feedback and speaking up. I’ll post my reply in a new post this week, as it’s probably to long to go in-depth in a blurb here. It would also be nice to share it more publicly with folks that have the same concerns as you too. Tks! – Terry

  2. Hi Terry
    Lance I sold my site how do I join your private group thanks, Happy New Year and our app is coming out soon www,upwellsurf.com

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