#194: Lessons From Self-Learning PPC In 2016

This week we have a chat about our lessons learned in PPC from self-teaching in 2016 and the continual progress to squeeze more ROI out of our campaigns as time moves on. Platforms discussed include Facebook Ads, Facebook Video Ads, Google Adwords, Shopping, Retargeting, and Gmail Ads.

Topics Discussed:

  • Finding an ad budget you are comfortable with
  • Adjusting your lifetime and daily budgets
  • Finding your break even and stop-loss points
  • Being vigilant with negative keywords and match types
  • Dangers of cutting your own traffic with negative keywords
  • Ad scheduling, mobile bid adjustments, and other cost saving measures
  • When things don’t work out, how do you adjust CPC given a budget?
  • Ad rank vs profitability and sacrificing one for the other
  • Facebook retargeting ads for cart abandonments
  • Facebook video ads to fill the top of the funnel
  • Gmail ads and it’s tricky nature to send traffic

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