#11: HitTail – Having Trouble Finding Keywords for Rankings in Google?

HitTail is a tool that tells you the most promising organic search terms you should target based on your existing traffic. It analyzes your visitor stream in real-time and provides you with a simple list of precisely which keywords you should be targeting to maximize your organic search growth.

Rob Walling - Software By RobRob Walling has been building web applications professionally for 12 years, and has worked as a consultant, a freelance developer, the development manager for the City of Pasadena, and a team lead for the world’s largest prepaid credit card company. He lives and works in Fresno, California.

Rob has also helped thousands of founders grow their startups through his blog, book, podcast, newsletter, conference, and online startup school.

Topics Discussed:

  • What is HitTail?
  • How does HitTail work?
  • Cutting through the noise of Google Analytics
  • Why you should rank for variations of a keyword
  • What makes HitTail different from other keyword research tools
  • Customer segments that are benefiting from HitTail
  • Is HitTail right for your business?


Mentions in the Episode:

Episode Length: 16:28


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