#9: CharlieDog and Friends – The World’s First Soft Toys Based on Real-life Shelter Adoption and Rescue Animals

The world’s first soft toys based on real-life shelter adoption and rescue animals.  We believe we can change the way kids ask for their first family pet. Tune in to hear how Suzy built this idea into a viral eCommerce business that solves a core problem within the animal rescue industry.

CharlieDogandfriends was created with a double mission: make the highest-quality stuffed animals, base on real-life shelter adoption success stories.  Tell their stories with colorful hangtags that also point the way to the pets’ websites and rescue causes; show the eminent adoptability and adorability of these animals. Most importantly, raise money for cash-strapped rescue groups and the shelters from which the real-life animals came.

Topics Discussed:

  • Background of the animal shelter business
  • Solving the gap of funding and donations
  • Using pre-sales to test market demand of your product
  • The method of engagement works best on Facebook
  • Creating emotional connections with customers
  • Getting the charity model right
  • Trusting your gut instinct and taking a leap of faith


Mentions in the Episode:

Episode Length: 28:31


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