#123: Is Your Business Aligned With Your Purpose?

Travis and I both have birthdays this week, so we got a bit sentimental on what we’re doing in life and our bigger purpose over the next few years. We started out as guys wanting to quit our jobs and build a business, but now that it’s happened – what’s next? This is a theme we’re seeing across the board among folks that have been in this movement for over two years, so tune in to hear how we plan to break through this barrier in life.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Updates from Terry: $25K/mo+ mastermind group in E-Commerce Mafia
  • Updates from Travis: Only working 1 hour a week, WTF?
  • You’ve quit your job, built a business, and now what?
  • What do you want your legacy and impact to be on the world?
  • Utilizing marketing skills for industries that do it poorly
  • Passion is selfish, purpose is selfless
  • Cutting deals and creating serendipitous situations
  • How travel reduces your productivity and routine

Mentions in the Episode:


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  1. This was… awesome. Most of the time it’s not money what we’re after, but a higher purpose. For me it is my soon to be wife.

    I live in Mexico here you are considered upper middle class if the income of the household is a minimun of $1,200 USD and I do have a day job, not a bad one since I earn that amount of money, but wanting to have my own house, a car and start a family and give so much to my loved one has driven me to seek other business ventures in e-commerce and I realized that “Slow lane” approach wouldn’t cut it for me. (Remembering Terry’s recommendation of Millionaire Fast-Lane).

    So yeah, I do know how your life can change from one year to another, sailing through life, living with my parents to having an urge and new motivation to take action.

    1. Thanks Guillermo! There was a book I read once that said different layers of purpose are like an onion, sometimes you just get past one layer and need to move on to the next one until you hit the core.

      How is the e-commerce environment in Mexico? Is the infrastructure pretty established since there is a ton of manufacturing exported to the USA?

      1. Pretty promising actually, not because of the manufacturing, but the payment and shipping options, people are starting to embrace Paypal and services like “pay at 7-Eleven”, even some US sites are starting to include some “Free Shipping to Mexico and Canada”.

        While you do have your big categories (electronics, pets, takeout) people like me that work on niche markets, like novelty t-shirts or gaming accesories are starting to pick up.

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