#187: First Impressions of Instagram Stories After 10,000+ Views

Instagram Stories just launched last week and Terry has been experimenting around with the new feature. Averaging 3,500 views per day, this week we chat about the big picture, strategic moves, and possible improvements that might be coming in the near future.

Topics Discussed:

  • What are “Instagram Stories” and how do they differ from regular posts?
  • Fun vs. curated content in your daily life
  • Basic overview of how Instagram Stories works
  • What’s the strategic move by Facebook behind Instagram Stories?
  • Impression #1: UI/UX placement of Stories
  • Impression #2: Getting to your bio page is difficult
  • Impression #3: Have a narrative structure to your posts
  • Impression #4: How often should you post?
  • Impression #5: It’s a wait & see game
  • Impression #6: Should you use Instagram Stories?

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