#179: 10 Email Sequences Your Online Store Should Have

This week we talk about email autoresponder sequences every online store should have. From before, during, and after checkout we’ve got you covered with getting started and the triggers/events to setup the email backend. If you need help with setting these up, let Terry know at terry@buildmyonlinestore.com as he is already helping some listeners with this type of work.

Topics Discussed:

  • Having proper list segmentation before working with email automation
  • Tips on segmenting your list for clear understanding (like PPC campaigns)
  • Segmenting: before purchase, during purchase, after purchase
  • Creating different messages based on each segment and behavior
  • Automations and finding an email provider that has the proper functions
  • Post purchase sequence: 90-days (or other time period you determine)
  • Post purchase by bestsellers: “Who has bought X product, but not Y?”
  • Post purchase by order value: “Who has purchased over $X in revenues?”
  • Post purchase by repeat order: “Who has purchased 2 or more times from us?”
  • Post purchase confirmations: Tweaking your order & shipping confirmations
  • Post purchase reviews: Get more reviews to build trust for your store
  • Post purchase welcome: “Welcome to the family, here are our top blog posts, etc…”
  • During purchase: Abandoned cart emails (4 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours)
  • Pre-purchase: Ongoing newsletter and content ideas
  • Pre-purchase: Welcome & on-boarding sequence for new subscribers

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10 Email Sequences Every E-Commerce Store Should Have


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