#18: Online Marketing 101 with Tim Reid from Australia’s #1 Marketing Podcast

In Australia’s #1 marketing podcast, Tim Reid tracks down small business owners who are crushing it with their marketing. With over 100 interviews in the bag, I wanted to get Tim’s thoughts on how you should approach the mentality of marketing your business online.  Tim’s ‘fireside chat’ interview style has his guests spilling the beans on how they successfully market their business, what drives them to succeed and why they do what they do.

Topics Discussed:

  • Three biggest problems small business owners have with online marketing
  • The power of podcasting and a global reach
  • Old school marketing vs online marketing
  • Seth Godin’s “We’re All Weird” and the global marketplace of content
  • How to make your business stand out in the online marketing world
  • Marketing mindset of big businesses vs small businesses
  • How to start with content marketing
  • Examples of successful video marketing campaigns
  • Recurring theme with over 100 business owners that are killing it with marketing
  • S-Commerce business model and how it works
  • One area of great ROI in social media
  • How to do market research in the “new school” way
  • 5 mistakes you’ll probably make in online marketing
  • Three reasons to start creating press releases for your business
  • Rip, Pivot, and Jam business model
  • Another pitch on the future of podcasting
  • Advice for those struggling to see results from online marketing


Mentions in the Episode:


Episode Length: 38:00


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  1. Great interview, Terry – you had a nice style and I enjoyed our chat. I wish you great success with your show moving forward.

  2. Fantastic, practical and useful episode that’s easy to listen to but full of good value – from two individuals who know their subject matter; are good to listen to and enthusiastic about sharing; and who thoroughly deserve the followings they each have (and if you aren’t a regular listener to both “Build My Online Store” with Terry Lin and “Small Business Big Marketing” with Tim Reid then you ought to!

    1. It’s never too late to reply to a kind comment … Thanks for the kind words David … most appreciated.

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