#128: A Roadmap To Automating & Outsourcing Tasks In Your Online Store

*Jan 2015 mastermind calls now open.* Travis had a record month in November and this week we discuss the roadmap he uses to automate and outsource tasks. The framework we used is inspired by the book The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber, a book that came out in 1995 discussing how small businesses can scale.

If you’d like to join the Jan 2015 round of mastermind calls, click on the “Join The Mafia” tab at our website for more information. We meet on a bi-weekly basis and everyone goes through their biggest business problems that they are currently facing.


Topics Discussed:

  • When Travis started to think about scalability and production issues
  • Fear of success, business expansions, and doubling down with a facility
  • The E-Myth: Are you a technician, manager, or entrepreneur?
  • McDonalds franchise model and Reddit AMA thread
  • Hiring, training, and developing an operatons manual
  • Doing the grunt work and breaking down your production flow
  • Can you stanadrdize the mom & pops feel of a small business?
  • Understanding the three types of systems: hard, soft, and information
  • How much should you automate and outsource?

Mentions In The Episode:


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  1. Another good one bros.

    The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber is automation 1.0 and you guys did a great job of distilling it.

    Automation 2.0 was written by Sam Carpenter and is called Work The System. I highly recommend that all entrepreneurs read it:


    Dan and Ian did a great job of talking bout it here and also give a free Google doc to get you launched on your Work The System Journey:


    Keep it up!

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