#199: How To Get Amazing Product Photos For Free

Many store owners get stuck with trying to DIY their product photos and end up with horrible looking shots. In this episode, Chris Jones from Unoboy.com joins us to talk about how to pull off an amazing photo shoot for free by structruing the right offers for your photographer, model, and venue. We also talk about upgrading your level of taste in photos, and training your eye to recognize what make a good shot from a bad one. Finally, we discuss stalking your competitors and analyzing their photos to get inspiration for your own content in the future.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Background of Chris’ store BEC Sport
  • Training your eyes to know what makes a good e-commerce photo
  • Research the best in your field for production tips
  • Being able to demonstrate what you want before outsourcing
  • Should you go with an amateur or semi-professional photographer?
  • How to create win-win scenarios to easily recruit photographers
  • Why models are actually dead-easy to recruit?
  • The #1 reason to not use your beautiful or handsome friend as a model
  • Using local or semi-famous influencer as your models for a win-win scenario
  • Why finding a more professional photographer saves you money from renting gear
  • A content trick from popular TV shows to fill your social content for an entire year
  • A 5-step text message to instantly recruit a photographer within 24 hours

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