Volume 2,

#125: Lessons From Over 15 Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

November 16, 2014

Last week the team from Bomber Barrel reached out to me about their Kickstarter campaign. Lead Designer Vincent Ng joins us this week to talk about launching a physical product and why crowdfunding should be the way to go for any new idea. Vincent has launched over 15 crowdfunding campaigns with a 100% success rate and has considerable experience in design, manufacturing, and marketing.


Topics Discussed:

  • Background of Vincent and product design
  • Partnering with entrepreneurs that have a product idea
  • Creating the story, product, and brand of Bomber Barrel
  • The difference between Kickstarter backers vs. average consumers
  • Scratching your own itch and validating that in a bigger market
  • Goal psychology, production runs, and knocking it out of the park
  • Why most Kickstarter campaigns fail to raise money or deliver product
  • Kickstarter backers that try to be “armchair designers”
  • Overvaluing your product idea and having a balanced business strategy
  • Pushing momentum and PR coverage during the first week


Mentions In The Episode:


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