#175: 8 Workplace Productivity Tips & Improvements

This week Travis and I talk about our workplace optimization and tools we use to stay focused. We’ve brought up some of these ideas casually on the show, but figured it would be helpful to actually dedicate an entire episode to that. Hope you enjoy this and let us know if there are other tips you find useful that we left out.

Topics Discussed:

  • Updates with Terry & Travis
  • Separating your work and play environments
  • Expanding your workplace virtual real estate
  • Productivity time systems such as Pomodoro
  • How to handle social media distractions
  • Why you should develop a morning success ritual
  • How to handle your smartphone so you don’t always check it
  • Should you have a messy or clean desk, and what is the impact?
  • Differences of working at home, co-working spaces, or an office

Mentions In The Episode:

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8 Workplace Productivity Tips & Improvements


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