#138: What Things Do You Value Paying For?

Travis was in Bangkok last week and mentioned he used Couchsurfing for his accommodation. We got into a small debate on why that was a good (or bad) idea, and evolved that into an episode on the things we value paying for in the modern world. Everyone’s value system may be different, and this was an introspective look on our beliefs about money, relationships, and business.

Topics Discussed:

  • Our take on conferences, meet-ups, 1-on-1 lunches, and events.
  • How much should you spend on clothes and image based purchases?
  • Books and investing in yourself
  • Investing in tech and devices
  • Catch-22 of coaching and mentorship
  • Thoughts on food, budgets, and staying healthy
  • Fixed costs and access, ownership, and flexibility


Mentions In The Episode:

Episode Length: 34:04


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