#86: The 80/20 To $100,000 In 3 Months With Ben Hebert From Natural Stacks

In three months, Natural Stacks has grown to a $100,000 monthly revenue business in the supplements industry. Tune in to hear Ben’s thoughts on hustling offline, spreading the word, and planting the seeds of serendipity that don’t pay off months or years later.

Topics Discussed:

  • Background of CILTEP and the nootropics industry
  • The secret tool to find disruption opportunities in a market
  • Outreach and groundwork strategies to big-name influencers
  • Doing things that don’t scale and grassroots marketing
  • Beauty in simplicity, quality, and a great product

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Mentions in the Episode:


Episode Length: 47:53


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    1. We had to revise the title. Storyline was $100,000 in three months, not monthly. We’re getting there though 🙂

  1. Great interview Ben.


    1) Does Ciltep have any health warnings, specifically for people with heart arrhythmia’s and related? In your research have you come across any information about this?

    1. All of the ingredients used in CILTEP are on the FDA’s generally regarded as safe (GRaS) list and there are no known complications. Because we open source our products and provide the full ingredient list, it’s very easy to consult with your physician before taking any Natural Stacks supplements. This is something that you’d be unable to do with most other supplements.

  2. Lol you nerds. Aren’t you in the same city right now? Definitely sounds like you were skyping on this interview 😉

  3. Hey Ben, I’ve just started selling Ayurvedic herbs on Amazon and have found other sellers flat out lying and misrepresenting both the ingredients and serving dosage information. Most of this does not seem like an honest mistake but a deliberate attempt to misrepresent. This put honest sellers at a competitive disadvantage. Have you run into this and how do you deal with it. Best to you. Thom

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