#117: How To Deal With Feedback, Criticism, And Your Ego

There’s always someone that will say your idea won’t work, it’s too hard, or that you’re stupid. How do you deal with that feedback, especially if it’s from someone you trust and respect? Often times there is advice given online with best of intentions (like ours), but should you be listening to us? In this episode we dig through some issues like confirmation bias, insecurities, and the human ego when it comes to dealing with feedback. In the end, we are all trying to build successful businesses and learning when to take in feedback is a skillset in itself.

Topics Discussed:

  • Updates from Terry: First fraudulent order, digital nomad rap video
  • Updates from Travis: Getting into the new routine
  • What is confirmation bias?
  • How to process criticism without letting ego get in the way
  • “First come the innovators, then the imitators, then the idiots”
  • Why you must read “The Dip” by Seth Godin
  • Having confidence in telling people what you do
  • Is always talking about business taboo vs coprorate job?

Mentions in the Episode:

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