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Build My Online Store eCommerce Podcast - Top Rated itunes Podcast Since 20122012-2013: The show originally began as an interview show with other eCommerce store owners that I found online, saw on Shark Tank, or met through various online communities that I’m a part of. Back then I was still working at a finance job at a large bank, and didn’t leave until August 2013 after a year of running this eCommerce podcast. Shortly after I start my first store selling men’s leather wallets which has a rocky start and takes a while to find any momentum.

2014-2015: Travis Marziani, a member of my private eCommerce mastermind selling dance clothing comes on board as a co-host where we talk about our experiences running a store. I dropped the full-time interview format because I was getting burnt out on finding quality guests. We also switched the schedule to bi-weekly, and are much more selective with guests that come on the show. Now the content is a mix of blog posts and podcast episodes every other week.

2016: Towards the end of 2015 I started offering eCommerce marketing services to other store owners, as many needed extra help but haven’t found the right person to hire. Finding a quality service provider is also time consuming and distracting. This is the best of both worlds – having an eCommerce marketing specialist that you already trust to help work on your business.


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