Most people aren’t ready to buy the first time they hit your homepage.

If you’re not doing any kind of email collection to get their contact information, they are gone forever. That means for all your current (and future) marketing campaigns to drive for traffic won’t be as effective.

There is still a leak in your funnel!

It’s like pouring more water in a bathtub that has a hole. Let’s solve that problem by making a better lead magnet together so that you can build your list, convert more customers, and get more sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Does This Work?

If your store qualifies with over 5,000+ monthly visits and is converting at 1-2% or more, we will help create a new email lead magnet for you free of charge. If your current opt-in is just “Join Our Newsletter” without a specific offer of value, that’s what we are looking to fix. You know you should be fixing these things, but are overwhelmed with many other operations of running the store – we understand.

Q: Why Should I Bother?

You are losing out on customers because not everyone is ready to purchase right away. Without a method to capture their contact information, you are hoping that they remember to come back and visit you again. That’s a poor strategy for your business. Even if you pour more traffic on your store, there is still a leak in the part of the funnel. That means your current and future marketing campaigns won’t perform as well as they could.

Even if your store has only 3,000 visitors per month, converting 5% of signups will net you 150 subscribers per month. If you can convert 20% of those signups into new sales, this translates into 30 new customers for your business. If your average sale is $50 dollars, that’s $1,500 per month you are missing out on. Keep in mind this is just low balling what is possible. In addition, as the months and years go by, your email list gets bigger and bigger making it a more valuable asset to your business.

Q: What will this cost me?

Nothing. If your store qualifies, then the email opt-in will be done for you on a gratis basis (free). This is the first step in building the list. Once we can prove to you that new subscribers are joining your email list, we can then work together on autoresponder sequences, upsells, and other email marketing strategies.

Q: What if this doesn’t increase my subscriber count?

If your original opt-in worked better, we can just revert it back to that one. But chances are you’re not reading this because it’s currently working. If it’s just a “join our newsletter” offer you have, anything will perform better. But it will take some time to figure out the right combination of email captures and optimization (i.e. scroll box, exit pop-up, welcome mat, etc.)

Q: What if someone unsubscribes?

That’s good! It might sting at first and you may feel bad, but it’s natural because it is a form of online rejection to your ego. If you believe in what you’re doing as a business owner, some people are simply a good fit and some people aren’t. We want to focus only on people that are interested in what you offer and represent. It’s impossible to please everyone online. Our goal isn’t to be a spammer either, but to offer really helpful ideas, writings, and advice to potential customers.

Q: How much time do I have to invest in this?

1-2 days maximum. The process starts by jumping on a Skype call and we’ll figure out the pain points of your customers and how we can help them. From there, we gather more background information to put together a first draft. We’ll need you to send us some product or lifestyle photos to use with the guide. The total process takes about 2 weeks on our end, depending on how fast we go through the revision process with you. After that, we can set it up on your site within 1-2 business days.

Q: Who are your clients?

The stores we work with are e-commerce stores that manufacture and own their brand. In order to get the most out of or services, we only work with stores that have 5,000+ unique visitors per month and already convert at 1-2% or more. That’s because it’s easier to add more momentum to their business compared to a store just starting out.

Q: What are the risks?

There is a chance the offer we create for your customers as lead magnet is not something that they want. This will depend on how well we can dig into their pain points and figure out what really matters for them. But we’ve done this for many stores already and are confident that combined with your knowledge of the industry, it can be figured out very easily.

Q: Why shouldn’t I just go hire someone else?

You should definitely look for the right company to work with! Nobody is forcing you to sign up with us. What makes us different is that we see the entire spectrum of tools an e-commerce store owner can use and understand what it means to run your own store. Specialist service providers tend to place heavy emphasis on their specific domain, i.e. since they are a hammer, they see everything as a nail.

Q: How Do I Get Started?

Fill out this questionnaire here and I’ll get in touch.

Have a great week ahead!