#167: 9 Takeaways From DCBKK And E-Commerce Fuel Live (2015)

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We’re back in our home bases after two weeks of hectic travel. This week we go over some of our big takeaways from DCBKK and E-Commerce Fuel Live in 2015. If you were at both events, it was a pleasure meeting everyone!

Topics Discussed:

  • Finding your “super offer” that others will share with their audience
  • How to nail down the real emotional pain points of your customer
  • The stair-step approach to increasing your marketing budget and hiring
  • Advanced Facebook Ads: Flex targeting, slider images, and carousel ads
  • How to find and keep rockstar VAs for project management
  • Are you hunting elephants, deer, rabbits, mice, or flies?
  • A better way to store, build, and develop your internal SOPs
  • Getting started with product videos
  • Hiring slow, firing fast – A guide to quickly narrow down a VA hire
  • Why good bookkeeping is better than fancy tax tricks for most businesses

Mentions In The Episode

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